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No matter what type of project it is, we can provide you with a stunningly awesome web design with a special “WOW Effect” that it deserves. Optimized for conversion, our designs give you a competitive edge in your industry. Having worked with individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies, we understand exactly what it takes to give you the very best.

When choosing where to shop, most consumers look at price first, then location, with little thought given to the importance of supporting local business.

Local businesses provide advantages to the surrounding community that large retailers cannot offer such as customer service and specific product knowledge.

No one knows their own brand like a small business owner; you are the expert in your field.

Local Merchants have always been successful by knowing the nature of their local market; the only thing the internet has changed is that  the local market could be hundreds even thousands of miles away.

What if you could share your skills, products and services with the whole world?

Running any business is all about starting a community. Any good business has repeat customers, whether it is friends, family or people in the neighborhood. If a business has a quality product or service they will get a local following of people willing to come back and even share their experiences with others. What if you could expand the size of your local community?

The internet lets you do just that. Having a website or social network can facilitate community connectivity on and offline for local businesses as well as assist with customer service, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

By engaging your Internet community, you will increase Brand Awareness for your business. This can beneficially impact your business.

In a recent study, individuals who followed a particular brand stated that they were 67% more likely to buy and were 79% more likely to recommend a brand since becoming a part of a company’s online network.

Having an internet brand offers a great opportunity to inform the Internet community about news, events, coupons/specials, etc based around your brand

Having an internet presence doesn’t change your local business model it enhances it.

The internet provides an opportunity for a local business to go global. The internet enables any entrepreneur to get a new business up and running more quickly and cheaply than ever before

Starting a website has drastically less overhead then opening another store location. (no rent, utilities, staff etc). Depending on the business, it can easily be run from anywhere, with the expense of running a website as the main cost.

That is where Marvin Blaine comes in

Marvin Blaine is a Website Development and Search Engine Optimization Agency, servicing the country and internationally, specializing in creating highly sophisticated customized website design, mobile marketing and social media marketing services for businesses of all sizes.

Our main focus is to develop technologies that are commonly referred in today’s Internet standards as Web 2.0 technology.  Such examples include: blogs, RSS feeds, social networking, social bookmarking, content management, and other forms of communication and social web-based tools.

By offering new, innovative and extremely competitive products and solutions to our clients, we provide better ways to manage and operate a business online.

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You can concentrate on your local brick and mortar business and let us promote you globally on the internet.

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