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Whether you are starting from scratch or need to update your site, knowing where to begin can be an intimidating task. Enter Marvin Blaine Designs. We’ve nailed down a process that will get you from point A to point B efficiently. And efficiency is essential for a truly great, functional website.

1. Project Profile
As with any process, ours contains many critical steps to getting what you want in a website. Our first step begins with you. We sit you down with a Project Profile to get an idea of what it is that you need and when you want it done. We ask you key questions to get to the core of what is important to you and your company.

2. Innovation
Once you’ve filled out the profile, we want to sit down with you and go over your profile. We want to clarify the goals and priorities of your project at this point. Important issues we will discuss include: technical specifications, target audiences, competing websites and how this will be implemented. But we don’t do all the talking. We want to cover any questions or concerns you have so it’s an open discussion.

3. Development
After our initial consultation and a proposal has been signed, we get to work. Marvin Blaine Designs begins by creating an advantageous design that will promote and compliment your professional image. As well as a great interface design, we start looking at technical issues in greater depth. For example, Marvin Blaine Designs has developed a browser based tool that makes the process of delivering content assets a breeze for clients. This keeps your site up to date and keeps the site clean and accurate. Who could ask for more?

4. Production
Following your approval of the design and any technology solutions, we begin full-scale development. We may be extremely busy during this stage, but we insist on keeping you in the loop. Through emails, meetings and phone conversations, you will always be in the know about your project. All design, copy, technology has been refined and finalized. At the end of this stage, a designed, fully-functional website emerges.

5. Testing
But before your website goes live, we go through this new website with a fine-toothed comb. We want to make sure there aren’t any issues between different browsers, that the technology runs and produces the same consistent information time and time again. After a complete testing of your website and any necessary adjustments have been made, we turn to you. If you are satisfied with our work, then and only then will it go live on the Internet.

6. Delivery
Voila! You’ve got yourself a website! To keep your site running quickly and efficiently, Marvin Blaine Designs also offers a variety of services to help get you on the web and keep you there. Check out our vast list of technology services we offer.

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